In 1984, Aquaman invented the neoprene triathlon wetsuit. Since then, Aquaman has never stopped developing innovations and improving patterns to offer the best performing triathlon and swimming suits on the market.



Aquaman's history has been built for and with triathletes and open water swimmers. Aquaman has always wanted to develop products designed for swimmers in order to offer them a garment with no compromise between performance and comfort.

our values


From his earliest years, Xavier Merian remembers making neoprene suits with his father on the kitchen table. Years later, their work would bear fruit. They created Aquaman and began selling their first wetsuits


Today, our passion drives us to innovate constantly in order to increase the efficiency of our wetsuits. We are always researching new materials and new technologies to improve our wetsuits.


The performance of each swimmer wearing an Aquaman suit is a source of pride and we are always looking for ways to push the envelope in our research. We work to enable all swimmers to attain their own personal performance goals